Digitializing Your Business Processes


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In this presentation by Stephen A. White, PH.D, you will get insight into the digital world and learn how to maintain your business' digital transformation.

"▸ I’ve been active in process technology for more than 25 years.
 ▸ Currently, I am an independent consultant, working with clients for:
     ▸ Modeling of business processes and process architectures, and
     ▸ Developing internal standards and training materials.
     ▸ Conducting online and classroom training classes for BPMN.
     ▸ I was the lead author of the BPMN specifications.
     ▸ I’m also an adjunct professor at Stevens Institute of Technology Business School, teaching a
      course in Process Innovation & Management."

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Original presentation by Stephen A. White, PH.D 

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