Intelligent Automation Entering the Business World

Automation using artificial intelligence might be the next game changer in terms of process efficiency in the financial industry

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In this paper from Deloitte, authors Laurent, Chollet, and Herzberg discuss the use of artificial intelligence in the business world. 

"Robotic process automation or intelligent automation (the combination of artificial intelligence and automation) is starting to change the way business is done in nearly every sector of the economy. Intelligent automation systems detect and produce vast amounts of information and can automate entire processes or workflows, learning and adapting as they go. Applications range from the routine to the revolutionary: from collecting, analysing, and making decisions about textual information to guiding autonomous vehicles and advanced robots. It is already helping companies transcend conventional performance trade-offs to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and quality."

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Original paper by Patrick Laurent, Thibault Chollet, and Elsa Herzberg

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